Five years of independence Unibet poker


March 2019 marks exactly five years since Unibet left for free floating and amicable parting with Microgaming Poker Network. During these 5 years, the room has done a colossal (so rarely is it possible to make this word appropriate for use in speech (c) work on turning its platform into a real wetland paradise for recreational players.

The wind of changes

The first step was, in fact, leaving the Microgaming network, which made it possible to protect Unibet poker players from MPN regulars. Immediately after the transition period, new changes were made to the replacement of the poker client:

  • use of HUD and auxiliary poker software is prohibited;
  • allowed to change the avatar and nickname for three times a day (!);
  • the selection was canceled and now only the choice of the table category remained (the player chooses the type of game and the limit to play), and the landing was carried out automatically;
  • changed the VIP-System: points were awarded for completing missions, and not in proportion to the rake taken.

Two years after leaving Microgaming Poker Network, Unibet has turned itself from a poker room into a small poker network (the small Finnish room Pokerihuone was bought).

In a sense, the decisions of the Unibet management were ahead of their time, as gradually the rest of the poker rooms or networks (and, most of them are much larger and more popular) began to adopt the experience of Unibet and requisition some elements of the business strategy of the locomotive of the industry (still use the word "locomotive "Would be a significant exaggeration). The most curious thing in the chain of these changes, most of which was perceived unambiguously negatively by the poker community (the cancellation of the selection and the ban on the use of poker software physically cannot cause any other reaction from professionals) is that the Unibet executives report almost every year that their poker income is growing. This fact looks even more striking when compared to the recent financial reports of Pokerstars and 888.

The table with the network traffic looks paradoxical, where the student bypassed the teacher (read: “On average, Unibet plays more poker than Microgaming Poker Network”).

Anniversary promotions

In honor of the fifth anniversary of independence, Unibet has prepared several promotions for its players.

Firstly, all March tournaments are held with an additional prize pool from the poker network itself. They will reach their apogee in the last two weeks of the month, and the general conditions from Unibet are as follows:

These holiday tournaments are held on Sundays. To obtain tickets, you will need to complete special missions. There is also an option with a direct buy-in to participate in the tournament.
Secondly, only until the end of March the High Hand promotion is valid.

Every 20 minutes, at predetermined hours (from 17:00 to 3:00 Moscow time), you can win 50 big blinds of the limit you are playing if during this time the collected combination turns out to be the strongest among all tables of all limits and all disciplines ( Omaha and Hold'em participate in the competition on an equal footing and have an overall classification). The leaderboard and your hand position will be displayed in the lower right corner of the table.
Third, there are traditional March missions with increased rewards. As before, most of the tasks are pretty simple, for example, collecting 20 pocket pairs over the course of a month or winning with a certain hand at showdown.