Holdem Manager 2 Streamlines Settings and Filters


Holdem Manager 2, one of the leading tracker software, has recently been updated to version This is one of the largest updates to the program with many improvements and fixes.

The main improvement is the simplification and ordering of many windows in the main settings and report filters sections. Now the sections are more convenient, and access to all settings is simplified, now you don't need to open several windows to get to the desired parameter.

The settings categories are now available in the “General Settings” window: “Common Settings”, “Mucked Cards”, “HUD Font”, and “Advanced Settings”. In each of these categories, a short list of all of its parameters is displayed.

The Reports Filters window is also divided into categories: “Game Stakes and Number of Players”, “Common Filters”, “Position and Action”, and “Vs Player”. Similar to “General Settings”, each category contains a short list of its settings.

The HUD was also updated. Improved table seating settings, updated settings and HUD tooltips, updated HUD filters, and fixed some font bugs.

Changes in reports include updated “Vs Player” filters, fix for report refresh bug, added ability to search for NoteCaddy stats, fix an error with hands when adding $ / hour, the ability to move multiple stats together, and fix an issue with color filters in Windows 8.

This update also includes many specific fixes for each major poker room. One of the most significant fixes is that the HUD now correctly grabs hands from the FastFoward Heads-Up tables at PartyPoker. This is an important fix, in such a fast game it is incredibly important that the HUD correctly shows all the opponent's statistics.

For Full Tilt, HUD errors in reentry tournaments have been fixed, as well as a bug related to updating tournaments during transfer to another table. The $ 1 180 Super Turbo SnG on PokerStars now records correctly. Also, TableScanner errors in the rooms of the Ipoker network have been fixed.

Other changes in the new version of Holdem Manager: update notes in hand replayer, control of opening multiple replayers when using NoteCaddy, and removal of redundant tournament records for active sessions.

This release also touches on database management and control panel. Improvements to working with the database include optimization of PokerStars hand processing, autoarchiving, added the ability to save import errors with one click, and also added a warning when using incorrect characters in the database name.

Dashboard improvements include a new widget for weekly cash game results, pause the HM TV widget no longer starts playback from the beginning every time, and an updated workout widget.