$ 16,000 every day from Pokerstars and a storm warning


The largest tournament series of the spring - SCOOP-2019 has come to an end at Pokerstars and it's time to draw the attention of regulars and fans of poker to other poker disciplines. This time, the Pokerstars are handing out extra money to spin and go players. However, MTT-players also will not be left without their buns - the anniversary tournament Sunday Storm is coming.

Spin & Go 20

For three weeks, Pokerstars will play $ 16,000 each among the spin grinders daily. The main condition is to play at least 20 spin-and-go tournaments a day. Note that only the first twenty tournaments are counted, therefore not only the leading figures of the discipline will have a chance to win, but also the average poker fans (with the proper skill “Luck”). It is assumed to be divided into 4 separate leaderboards (depending on the buy-in of the Spin-n-go tournament). Distribution of winnings based on levels:

Of great importance for success will be multiplier. In addition, the immediate winner of a particular spin will get more points than the two remaining participants. The general scheme of the distribution of points is as follows:

NB! The same player can participate in all 4 levels of the leaderboard. Yes, someone will have to roll out 80 Spin-n-go in order to maximize the benefits of the Pokerstar promotion.

At the equator of the promotion, the rules of the game will be changed: the 2nd round starts on June 6, there will already be points for each dollar won in the tournament. The opportunity to join Spin-n-go max tournaments attracts attention (in the first round only the usual spins are counted).

The campaign will end on June 16 at 13:00 Moscow time.

If you want to get a piece of the coveted prize from "Spin & Go 20", then we strongly recommend that you get the ChangemyHud poker program, which can instantly switch the HUD to heads up HUD mode when the 3rd opponent goes. This allows you to save time, not be distracted by hand picking statistics, start to exploit your opponent in HU to the maximum. Given the extremely limited number of attempts envisaged in the Spin & Go 20 promotion, the slightest advantage will be, if not worth its weight in gold, then a few tens or hundreds of dollars - for sure! The first week of ChangemyHud is available for all limits absolutely free.

Anniversary Sunday Storm

Pokerstars will give a short respite to all MTT fans after a tense and eventful SCOOP, but on June 16 they will have to uncover all the trunks again: a festive Sunday Storm is coming. For eight consecutive years every Sunday he waits for a decent in the lobby of Pokerstar. By the anniversary Pokerstars will increase the prize pool to an impressive $ 1,000,000. For comparison, here are the indicators of the last Sunday Storm of May 26:

An increase in the guarantee of 5 times looks quite convincing, is not it?

Buy-in will be traditionally equal to $11. As always, there are alternative ways to take part in the tournament for less money: specialized spin-and-go tournaments for $ 0.75 and daily mega-satellites for $ 2.2 (each will have 500 tickets for the festive tournament).

Poker is a game with incomplete information. Especially we have to guess in multi-table tournaments, where, unlike cash games, we cannot collect the proper number of hands on opponents due to the incredible number of participants. Sharkscope is the best solution, which allows us not to read tea leaves, but to have the proper minimum of knowledge necessary for making qualified decisions at the table. Using the Sharkscope poker service is absolutely legal at Pokerstars and will make it possible to determine the level of the opponent’s game with the maximum probability, which means choosing the right strategy against him.