Hand Converters for 12 poker rooms

Hand Converters for 12 poker rooms

  •  Download and install hand history converter.

  • After the first program launch you will see ID. Please provide us this ID in the order comments.
  • Buy converter on official developer site with our bonus code pokerenergy and get 5% discount!

1 license code is for 1 PC and connected with your e-mail. You have to use this key only for your own one PC. If you will need to change your PC you can take the new one key from us. Free trial period is 3 days.

What is the converter?

If you want to make money playing poker, you need to use special programs which give you an advantage over random players. The main software for a poker player is HoldemManager 2. Using this program, you will be able to analyze not only your own game but the actions of your opponents as well. You can load all the statistics of your game directly into this tracker. However, there are certain poker rooms that keep your hand history in a way that Holdem Manager cannot recognize it. That's why you need to use a hand converter. It transforms the hand history into appropriate format so that you could load it and use for analysis. 

What are the types of hand converters?

To choose a converter, all you need to know is the poker room you play in. That's it. Choose the appropriate version from the list. We offer hand converters for the following rooms: Starlive (Hive, Planetwin365) Converter, Chico Converter, Enet/People's Poker Converter, Europe-Bet Converter, PokerDom, RuPoker, PokerMira Converter, Aconcagua Converter, SpartanPoker Converter, High Rollers Converter, SuitedAce Converter, KlasPoker Converter, FulPot Converter, Red Argentina de Poker, TonyBet, ClubPoker.

As you can see, our hand converters allow you to use the Holdem Manager to its fullest within all networks mentioned above.


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