What to do if Holdem Manager 3 does not start?


Holdem Manager 3 - fairly recent software. For any new program, for some initial period of time problems occur during operation. This is inevitable due to the complexity of the software. This is especially true for such a universal and powerful tool as Holdem Manager 3.

Let's try to simplify the life of users a little and point out some of the most common ways to solve problems that prevent Holdem Manager 3 from starting.

  1. Antivirus. Very often, it is the work of your virus defender that becomes the reason that prevents HM3 from starting. Many antiviruses mistakenly interpret the running Holdem Manager 3 process as a potential threat. To avoid this, we just need to exclude the Holdem Manager 3 installation directory from the list of folders that are scanned by a specific antivirus. Or add the folder with HM3 to the “exceptions”. Avast antivirus example.

  1. Launching the program as administrator is not activated. Right-click on the .exe file, there go to the properties - compatibility and check the corresponding box. This may solve the problem when your Holdem Manager 3 starts for a few seconds, but then nothing happens.

  1. If an error occurs during loading, such as “an error occurred while hooking DLL”, then we recommend that you enter: DISM/Online/Cleanup-Image/RestoreHealth on the command line (from the administrator). After that, enter sfc/scannow and restart Holdem Manager 3.
  2. A common cause of problems starting Holdem Manager 3 is an incomplete update of the operating system. We recommend that you install all the important updates, and perhaps this will help your Holdem Manager 3 work properly.
  3. There is a possibility that Holdem Manager 3 will not start due to blocking access from your provider. The problem can arise both simply when going to the developer's site, and after downloading and installing the tracker. After installing HM3, the provider can block the ability to log in to the official website. There are two ways to solve this problem: call the provider and ask to unlock the HM3 website or change the provider.

We have provided a far from complete list of probable problems. In the future, it will expand and complement. The most obvious methods of action if Holdem Manager 3 does not start, like reinstalling the program or installing it in a different directory, we decided not to mention, because you probably already tried them.

In conclusion, we present the official email address [email protected]. If you have any problems and you cannot solve them yourself, then write to the specified address from the mail that you used when registering your account on the official Holdem Manager website. When describing the problem, it is even better to attach the HM3 logs.

How to get HM3 logs for sending?

Before reproducing a flaw, launch HM through Start - All programs - Holdem Manager 3 with Logging option - check the HUD - OK checkbox.

After the reproduction of the flaw and the formation of the screen, turn off both the XM3 itself in a standard way and the background process of the Holdem Manager Server (through the system tray next to the computer clock).

Then follow the Start menu item - all programs - Holdem Manager 3 - 'Copy HM3 Log Files to Desktop'

The result will be a folder on the desktop with the name HM3logs - archive all its contents in ZIP or RAR and send along with the screen.

If the size of the generated ZIP\RAR is more than 10 MB, reduce it by deleting the oldest files from the Archive subfolder. Because the mail system will not accept such a large file.

Also (if a problem happened during the game) - send the original file(s) of hand histories played at that time. They can be found either in the folder where the poker client saved, or already in the C:\HM3archive folder.