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Why you should choose Bluefirepoker

1. Quality over quantity!

Bluefirepoker coaches, are ones of the best in various types of games they play. They will be able to give you a better training. Our team was selected by our SUPER PRO Phil Galfond. We decided that for players may be better to take small chunks from the best than choosing from a huge number of videos, sometimes not knowing what do you need to improve your game. Our goal is to give quality training that will be easy to understood and to have the fastest effect.

2. Watching our videos, you will certainly improve the game.

You can earn more money. You will learn to think like Phil Galfod and Jason Senti. When there is non-standart  situation, you are ready to calmly analyze it and make the right decision. You will be "higher level" than your opponents. As a result, you grow as a poker player, go up in stakes, earn more money.

3. So what's next?

Register now and check it all. Want to try for free? You have a full trial for  7 days. Sign up via this link. Watch the videos 7 days for free. Then you can subscribe, if you want to continue your training.

List of videos in our library on

NL:  508

PLO cash: 134

Heads Up cash: 142 (out of the 642 cash videos)

SNG / MTT: 146

French: 160

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