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What is dataming?

The process of obtaining large quantity of the hand history files to import them into a Holdem Manager or Poker Tracker database.

Why do you need datamining?

In order to know the full information about your opponents. This gives you the advantage. You are physically unable to collect a such large number of hands. With us you can just buy a package of several million hands. You must load them into your database and all your opponents become transparent. You can also subscribe to the daily emails with hand history archives and have the latest information.

For more information about datamining you can read our guide.

Ask and discuss any issue related to datamining on our forum.


  • The second room at half price.
  • When ordering two or more limits, a 50% discount is provided for the lower limit.
  • 2 months – 5% discount.
  • 3 months – 10% discount.

At the moment we offer the next options:

Poker Rooms or networks:
  • Pokerstars
  • PokerDom
  • Red Argentina de Poker
  • Europe-bet
  • Сеть Ipoker
  • Сеть Winning Poker
  • Сеть 888 Pacific
  • Сеть Chico

  • From nl2 to nl200

  • Type of subscription
  • Monthly (every day you will receive a file with hand histories over the past 24 hours)
  • When ordering a monthly subscription, you receive all the hands for the last 30 days for free!

  • Table format:
  • 6-max and 9-max for one price
  • If you are interested in any subscription, please contact Skype: pokerenergy, email or write to the operator in the online chat