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Cardrunners was closed and it 's not avaliable to buy it.

What is Cardrunners was founded by successful poker players who created a better teaching community for players with different levels of the game, we communicate with both beginners and professionals. All they have something common - a desire to improve their game with the help of our rich educational resources.

We have collected a large database of resources for developing poker skills. Members of our community can get valuable information when watching a video with expert commentary, analysis and communication about hands played on the discussion forums. All of these features will help you to play much better than your competitors.

If you are interested in any additional information - please visit We think you will agree with 9,000 members that Cardrunners is one of the best investments in your poker education.

Subscribing to the Cardrunners without fee

In order to have access to site content, you need to make a one-time payment $100. Also if you pay the entry fee you have to pay for 1 month subscription - it's $ 30. So, to create a working account, you will need to pay $ 130. This price includes the monthly membership. Create an account on the cardrunners website by clicking on this link. After that, pay for service by contacting our operator. Please specify your login and password on cardrunners in your order comment. Within 24 hours after your payment you will get access to the video. Now you can log in and change your password. Enjoy!

With us you can pay for a subscription to Cardrunners by Skrill.

This product has 1 price options. Please, choose the one you prefer:
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