Automatic notes based on Sharkscope statistics

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The program is not supported by the developer and therefore not selling.

Selektor is designed for Sit n Go players, and have two modes of operation:

1. Automatic: you run the program, and go drink tea / watch movies / sleep. At this time Selektor scans the lobby for unknown players, search them on Sharkscope, make notes and color labels, based on ITM / distance and your preferences.

2. Manual: The program monitors the clipboard, and when you copy a player's nickname from the lobby with Ctrl + C, it shows player statistics and its category in a small pop-up window. If you want to sit the unknown, you dont need to spend time on switching to your browser.

- You need active Sharkscope subscription.

- Color labels and notes will appear after Pokerstars client restart (unfortunately, this is caused by the Pokerstars client mechanics).

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