Why do i need poker software?

9 answers to the question “Why do I need poker programs?”

  • to keep records of wins and losses

  • to maintain detailed statistics of your game

  • to analyze detailed statistics of the opponents's game

  • use statistics to find errors in your game and the game of opponents

  • automatisation of many poker table actions

  • for convenient simultaneous playing at a large number of tables (multi-tabling)

  • for help and learning the nuances of the game

  • to find the most fish tables and increase potential winrate

  • as a result - to win more money

So, lets assume: poker programs are needed in order to win more money. There are actually many other reasons, but they all lead to this one.

In this guide, we will try to cover main themes about poker software :

Where to play?

In this section, we will recommend you some of the biggest and most secure poker rooms to play at.

Must-have software for all online players

We will list the programs and services that we believe are must have for each online player. This is important even for those who play poker for fun.

Software for advanced players

In this section we will list some advanced tools which are used by professional players.


We'll discover datamining and list all the advantages and disadvantages of this service. We also look at the rules of the largest poker sites about datamining.

Other poker software

We will look at some specialized software, which you might want to try. Not all software in this section will be useful to you, but you might find something interesting.

Here we have listed almost all the sections of this guide relating to the software. You will see that you don't need any advanced skills to use poker software.

When thinking about online poker and offline poker, software actually don't give you “unfair advantage”, its only widen your arsenal. In online game, we are unable to use visual tells that can give us an advantage in a live game. Instead, we can use a wide arsenal of software to analyze your game and playing style of opponents.

 To win, we still need to analyze your opponents plays, make +EV solutions, as well as play plenty of hands

And don't forget the fact, since most poker rooms allows software, most regular and even some recreational players will use it. And if you don't want to let them have advantage against you, you must use software too. Given all the above, we can compile the main reason for using the poker software:

Poker software will help you maximize your earnings from online poker.

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