Must have poker software for all online players

There are a number of programs that are must to use for all online players. And if you want to be a winning player, this soft will increase your chances significantly. Below we will list that poker software.

Hand history trackers

Each such software is actually a set of small statistic collecting and analysing programs.

This programs automatically imports hands while you play online. Imported hands saved in your database, and then software retrieve various statistics out of played hands.

Another key feature of these programs is to show statistics right on the tables. This feature name is Heads Up Display (HUD)

Some of the main stats displayed in the HUD, include VPIP (Voluntarily Put Money into the Pot), PFR (preflop raise), AF (aggression factor), and the number of hands played.

Holdem Manager 2

Holdem Manager has always been considered one the best poker programs. Holdem Manager tracking Hold'em and Omaha hands, and have fully customizable reports, based on your results. The program is able to build graphs for results and various statistics. Also there are a variety of programs, add-ons for Holdem Manager, which include Leak Buster, Table Scanner,  SnG Wizard, Note Caddy and TableNinja 2. Trial version of Holdem Manager 2 duration is 30 days.


PokerTracker is considered a pioneer in the world of poker software. This tool allows you to import hands (ring games and tournaments), create custom reports, and custom diagrams for near any stat. You even can create your own stats and add them to HUD. Fast and easy customizable drag-and-drop HUD, flexible filters. Software includes free add-ons for various purposes: Note Tracker, Leak Tracker, ICM, and equity calculator. There is additional subscription service named Table Tracker, which helps you a lot with finding most profitable tables across all poker rooms. Trial version lasts 30 days.


Flopzilla is designed to analyse played hands. This is a great tool for those who want to improve their post-flop skills.This poker program shows the probability of hitting the flop of different hand ranges, and also shows the chances to improve on the later streets. Program supports both cash games and tournaments, and have a built-in equity calculator. Using Flopzilla, you will quickly learn to “think ranges” and make better postflop decisions.

SnG Wizard

Sng Wizard 2 - useful tool for any tournament player. It allows you to calculate the situation in the later stages of the tournament by ICM, considering all factors, such as the stack sizes, blinds sizes, ranges of opponents, and so on. Quiz mode will help to improve your ICM skills very fast and you can be sure that every your decision in push / fold mode is mathematically correct.


Datamining is the process of automated hand history collecting from poker site for further import into a PokerTracker or HoldemManager database. Poker players can buy data mining in order to fill their base with valuable information about the opponents. In most poker rooms usage of datamined hand histories is prohibited, but the reality is that many players use this service without any consequences. Its because advantage obtained when buying data mining, is quite decent, and in theory, usage of data mining is very difficult to track. For beginners, the advantage is in reliable statistics on most opponents, even with a small number of own hands played.

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