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Now you have to make a choice between the Holdem Manager and PokerTracker, what next? Unfortunately or fortunately, journey into the world of poker software doesn't ends  for many players at this stage. There are many other interesting programs, which will also help you to increase your winnings. Let's take a look at the most interesting and popular programs that used by a clever regular players.

Table Scan Turbo

Table scan turbo scans the lobby and look for the statistics of each player at each table in your Holdem Manager or Poker Tracker database. After scanning, the program displays tables and sorts them according to the criteria you specify. There's also a function to recognise "bad" tables and automatic table queuing. The program has three versions for different limits and with appropriate prices.

Note Caddy

NoteCaddy is an add-on for HoldemManager 2, is a great tool for advanced player. NoteCaddy designed to write notes on your opponents, based on their statistic from your database. Taking into account  growing competition between regular players, any advantage is very important. Note Caddy surely will give you the edge you need. The potential of this poker program is huge, and it depends only on your ability to use it. Note Caddy will allow you to quickly extract important info from your HUD and make +EV decisions even during serious multi-tabling.

Note Caddy Edge

Note Caddy Edge is a great configuration package, created by pro player with 8 years of experience. It will help you unleash the full potential of the Note Caddy. Best option for those who do not have sufficient technical skills, or do not want to spend a lot of time configuring the Note Caddy. A huge number of notes configurations for the majority of poker disciplines.


Sharkystrator is a poker program for SnG table selecting and regitration. In the world of hyper turbo HU SnG game selection is very important, because increasing ROI even on half of percent potentially turns in a decent amount of money won. This software is particularly useful for regulars of  super turbo HU SnG, it allows you to sit quick in the free lobby or sit with players, marked by a certain color in Pokerstars notes.


Selektor is poker software designed for automated color coding based on Sharkscope data. Compatible with HU, 9-max/6-max SnG. You run a program, it scans running tournaments in the lobby, search players on Sharkscope and notes them in different colors depending on your settings. And then, Pokerstars notes can be used for game selection. It always better to play with some info on your opponent.


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