Finding poker friends

Socially, online poker player is quite isolated. Running bad in the shark - infested ocean is pretty bad perspective. The consolation is that there are many players who do not mind meeting new people and discussing poker. Another reason - in poker your information search & analysis skill is very important. Because reading poker forums can eventually turn into an increased win rate. On forums you can discuss the current metagame of your discipline or difficult opponents. So from the beginning it would be wise to think about finding a friendly forum where you can share your problems and hands with other players, as well as get some helpful advice.


Pokerstrategy is poker portal, well known mostly because of their non-deposit bonuses in a large number of poker rooms. There are many sections on the majority of poker disciplines, large and friendly community you will enjoy. There are also many strategy articles from beginning to advanced level.


CardsChat is another popular poker forum offering basic poker articles for beginners, and many sections for various poker disciplines. There are sub forums only for hands played discussions as well. Not bad place to start for those who prefer general poker talks too.


TwoPlusTwo is a most popular poker community. In this forum you will find a lot of useful strategy threads as well as funny or offtopic forums. Many poker celebrities are posting here. You can even find nosebleed stakes regulars discussing some tricky played hands. There's even a sub-forums where players are gathering into groups for strategy discussion and game analysis that may also interest you. You may read other players blogs or start a blog by yourself. Forum

Of course, I would like to mention our own forum where you can ask any questions about the poker software . We will try to quickly and adequately respond to each of your question. Welcome to our forum!

Lets summarize. It is important to find a poker forum with friendly community and useful content. Remember, the forum where players just complains about bad beats, is unlikely will be useful for you. Find a forum with a lot of sections on poker strategy or with tips on how to beat a particular limit.

Time spended reading will pay off later in game. Of course if you reading something useful and actual. Especially when you consider that the vast majority of forums are free. Online poker is developing quickly, so it is important to keep track about the latest changes and trends.

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