Skrill VIP Silver free statuses are temporarily suspended



Urgent news: Skrill decided to strengthen the security system. In particular, verification of accounts will be improved. In this regard, from March 18, 2019, the issuance of free VIP Silver statuses will be temporarily restricted. Deadlines for the completion of the work have not yet been reported, but we will immediately inform you as soon as something becomes known.

We remind you that for our clients and partners there are preferential conditions for obtaining VIP-status in Skrill, now after registration you need to make deposits in the amount of:

  • VIP Bronze - € 3000 (instead of € 6000);
  • VIP Silver - € 5,000 (instead of € 15,000);
  • VIP Gold - € 15,000 (instead of € 45,000).

In the meantime, while Skrill is getting better for its users, you can get free VIP Silver in NETELLER and enjoy the privileges for free! Learn about all the advantages of a NETELLER account -