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General Packages

To see a list of standard or premium videos before purchasing or to download videos after purchasing, you can view all the standard and premium videos on videos page.

Standard Video Pack $50 - Over 400 videos from early 2009 until October 2012.  

Premium Video Pack $150 - Over 800 videos, including 400 videos from the standard membership pack and 400 more of our best videos from early 2009 to October 2012.

Hyper Turbo Packages

Hyper Turbo Class Video Pack  $219 - Bernardc's hyper turbo class is on sale now. Bernard gives a slideshow class presentation for over 3 hours and outlines his own strategies he uses to consistently beat double and triple digit buyin hyper turbo HUSNGs.

Hyper Turbo Postflop Class Hand Pack $125 - Bernard's 2nd hyper turbo class video, complete with almost 50 postflop hyper turbo hands reviewed. Buy both Bernard's classes for $319, a savings of $25. Existing buyers of the first series can also upgrade for $100, a $25 savings.

Hyper Turbo Video Pack $150 - Over 4 hours of hyper turbo focused material from mid stakes professional Richard "Chadders0" Chadwick.  The 10 videos in this package break down concepts essential to winning in this format of hu poker. For more information on the series, visit the Hyper Turbo Series Information Page.

Other Games and Packs

Heads Up No Limit Cash Pack $99 - Proven heads up cash winner Barewire (krab42) brings you almost 4 hours of hu cash game strategy, outlining fundamental play and expanding it. One of the only heads up cash video packs from a verifiable proven winner of mid stakes heads up cash today.

Conquering Tilt $69 - Nicole "SGT RJ" provides almost 5 hours of powerful information designed to help players combat their tilt both at and away from the poker table. Using her background in psychology and a masters in counseling, Nicole helps players define tilt, recognize it, manage it and ultimately prevent it.

Coffeeyay Math Pack $75 - Coffeeyay launches his video pack, expanding on his previous Math in HUSNG video series with almost 5 hours of brand new content. As a bonus we've also added all the previous videos, 3 hours and 52 minutes of additional content, to bring you a video pack totaling 8 hours and 46 minutes in length.

Software and Other Products

CoffeeHUD $101 - The CoffeeHUD, a heads up display designed by HUSNG's Coffeeyay, is an advanced HUD with customized stats for the new powerful PokerTracker 4 database.

This product has 10 price options. Please, choose the one you prefer:
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