Frequently Asking Questions

  • About the store and warranties
    • What is this store and what do you sell?

      We are selling licensed poker software and subscribtions to various coaching websites and popular poker resources. We are your guide in the world of online poker services by providing you with different video reviews, software guidelines to help you deal with everything that online poker community offers its players.

    • Can i get a loan to buy software?

      Soon we will add that possibility. But right now you can get a loan from our partners. Get a loan.

    • What are the guarantees that I will get my product?
      1. 1. We work since 2008.

        2. Our Webmoney purse is officially registered and has been a verified seller since 2008. BL 570+.

        3. We got plenty of positive feedback on the biggest poker forum.

        4. Google and make sure we have no negative feedback.

        5. We are the official representatives of the Sharkscope, Pokertableratings, Tiltbreaker, PokerTracker4 и NoteCaddy Edge, TableNinja.

        6. We guarantee that you will receive your product because for us it is as just important as for you.

  • Terms of delivery and order processing
    • How long should I wait to get my purchase?

      We endeavor to get your order as soon as possible. Electronic goods are delivered on time within 24 hours. Delivery of physical goods depends on how far is your city/town and can take 3 to 14 business days (only for Russia).

    • Why is my order still not processed?

      Make sure you have entered all the neccesary information regarding your order. Here is what is often required: your login and password, first name & last name, product ID. If any of above data is missing, your order will not be processed. Please send out the info right away or just as soon as you can.

    • Is there any way to speed up order processing?

      Yes. If we are online, you can contact our support team. This usually accelerates the process. Our skype is PEvopros.

    • How can I order books in your store?

      Unfortunetely not. Books are avaliable only for customers from Russia.

  • Your profile
    • How do I remove a product from cart?

      To do so, manually change the amount of products to zero. For example, you got 1 product in your cart. Left click on 1 and change it to 0, press Enter and it will disappear.

    • What is EN?

      EN represents bonus points that you get for things you buy. Use them for further purchases and save money.

  • Technical assistance
  • Order status
    • What is “processing”?

      This means that we noticed your order and will soon process it.

      1. Mining. Your order has been escalated to our miner and he will send you a package as soon as he gets it prepared. However, there can be a delay if the miner is temporary away. In this case, your order will be processed as soon as he gets back.

      2. Software. Some licenses are sent by us, others – by developers. If you can see your order saying “processing”, this means that we sent a request to developers regarding your order and now await for the dispatch.

      3. Subscriptions. Some subscriptions are formalized by us others – by developers. If you can see your order saying “processing”, this means that we sent a request to developers regarding your order and now await for the dispatch.


    • Pending

      We are waiting your payment.

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  • Digital goods

The software, subscriptions and hand histories are delivered within 24 hours. But more often we do it within minutes.

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