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This program isn't selling now and isn't supporting by developer. Sorry!

True EV is a new poker all-in-one software.

You will receive one key that can be used on 2 computers via email within 24 hours after payment.

Every player, sooner or later, start thinking about improving their game to increase profit, so the program is oriented to a wide range of players.

True EV features

1. The most detailed calculation of EV (Expected Value):

  • Calculation of multipots

  • EV calculation on each streets (Sklansky bucks, Street by Street)

  • Including coolers into EV calculations

Calculating Expected Value will bring you psychological confidence about your skills. An it greatly helps you in choosing right action and bet sizing in every situation, thus increasing your winrate..

2. Cooler analysis

Cooler is a situation when a player loses with a strong hand not because of his error, but because of cards on the table, which allowed him to build a strong hand, but the hand of the opponent was even stronger. Coolers are making significant fluctuations in players win rate.

True EV takes into account these situations. For this purpose there is a special tool where you can customize what is cooler, and see them on a separate graph.

3. Strategy tuning

This tool allows you to estimate winnings and the expected value of different hands, in different game situations. It can model your game, "switch off" the hands and you can see, what changed. Simulation is done as we were folding that hands, and then  EV winnings, BB/100, and ROI are re-calculated.

Both beginners and experienced players often play too loose. Strategy tuning allows you to narrow your ranges and immediately see how it will affect your win rate. Simulating our game allows us to find ideal ranges and balance them.

Once the balance is found, we can even use a tuning strategy as a convenient interactive chart drawing tool for starting hands.

4. Luck

You can be dealt strong or weak starting hands, you can crush or be crushed, TrueEV allows you to estimate RNG of poker room and presents it in a form of graph (Start Hand Balance). Combination balance - balance in hitting on the flop a set, flush draw, or a straight draw.

5. Statistics on the opponent

Table size, stack size, the type of tournament all this factors make an impact on the your opponents game. 6-max tables play looser than 9-max. Shortstacks plays one type of hands, and bigstacks are playing different. Using the statistics filters you can extract pure stats based on the opponents strategy and size of the table.

True EV also tracking your stats - those statistics that the opponent has collected on us, so we know what we look like in the eyes of the opponent, and can predict his actions better.

6. Analysis of the game

The ability to model your game, and see an output in $ and $EV.

Deep analysis of opponents game. Looking on situations “tree”, we can see, where our opponent wins and when he lose.


Cash games

In addition to the calculation of all-known AllIn-EV, the player gets another indicator of EV Street by Street (Sklansky Bucks). EVs is calculated street by street, and with big amount post-flop play this type of calculation more accurately reflects the quality of the game than All-in-EV.

Tournaments True EV

Due to the fact that the tournament is determined by the structure of the prizes, it became possible to implement EV calculation for tournaments with the ICM model. This model takes into account stacks of players, number of players remaining in the tournament, payout structure and actions of Hero.

With ICM we can clearly see how much $ we won / lost on each hand in the tournament. This makes the process of learning to play simple and clear, the impact is visible immediately after the hand.


All types of EV calculating in one tool:


All-In EV reflects well quality of the game at long run;

EVs - more sensitive and is accurate even on short distance;

ICM EV $ - allows you to see the estimated profit in chips and in $ in each hand as well as for entrie tournament.

Supported Games

Cash: Limit Holdem, NoLimit Holdem, Pot Limit Holdem.

Tournaments: Limit Holdem, NoLimit Holdem, Pot Limit Holdem.


The calculation of EV ICM supported for tournaments:

SNG: Heads-Up, 6max, 9max, 10max, Double or Nothing, PokerStars Fifty 50.

MTSNG up to 27 players.


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